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NEUROLOGY 2017/2018



The aim of the neurology course is preparing medical students to work as general practitioner (family doctor) and giving them basic neurological knowledge and information about advances in neurology.

Duration of the course: 3 weeks  from 8.00 am to 

number of teaching hours = 100 hours    seminars and practical classes                          

place of the course -Department of Neurology, Banachastr.1a, building D, 7th floor,  room 716


    1. Anatomy and physiology of the nervous system.
    2. Hemorrhagic stroke
    3. Subarachnoid hemorrhage
    4. Ischemic stroke
    5. Management of stroke
    6. Doppler ultrasonography in cerebrovascular diseases
    7. Motor neuron disease  and other diseases of the spinal cord 
    8. Muscle diseases 
    9. Disorders of the neuromuscular junction
    10. Electromyography as a diagnostic tool in neuromuscular disorders
    11. Peripheral neuropathies
    12. Demyelinating diseases 
    13. Tumors of the nervous system
    14.  Autonomic system disorders in neurology
    15.  Vertigo
    16. Traumatic lesions of the CNS
    17. Neurocritical care and brain death
    18. Neuropediatrics
    19. Headache
    20. Back pain
    21. Epilepsy
    22. Dementia
    23. Neuroinfections
    24. Neurogenetics
    25. Neurological signs and symptoms in systemic diseases
    26. How to choose diagnostic tools in neurology
    27. Emergency in neurology
    28. Brain autopsy


Practical training involves teaching of physical neurological examination, interpretation of diagnostic tests, and algorithms of diagnostic procedures as well as  demonstration of patients with selected neurologic diseases. 



On completion of the course students are expected to take a  coloquium (a test with 50 open and multiple choice questions). A minimum of 30 correct answers is needed to pass the test. Retake of  the coloquium can be taken only twicely. If  results of retake tests are negative student must repeat the neurology course.

After passing the colloquium students  are expected to take a final exam during summer exam session.Final exam lasts 2 hours and is a MCQ test composed of 100 questions. 


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Neurology exam is in the winter exam session -it will be in January 29, 2018 

The exam lasts 2 hours and is a MCQ test composing of 100 questions